Miss Shelley’s Been A Wee Minx Once Again!

Miss Shelley’s Secret Shenanigans Unproudly Presented Professor Elemental & Special Guests Sharing A Simply Spiffing ‘Spring McFling’ Celebration Of Steampunk Inspired Musical Mischief In Auld Aether Reekie!

Special Guests – The Red Hot Rhythm Makers

The Red Hot Rhythm Makers  – This all female band, from Central Scotland, has been assembled as a response to Ali Affleck’s pioneering and critically acclaimed ‘Preaching Divas’ project; which focuses on the ground-breaking (and mostly forgotten) women of jazz and blues. Since The Red Hot Rhythm Makers went ‘public’ in summer 2018 they have received rave reviews from very happy audiences.

Hosted By Auld Aether Reekie’s Own Atticus Oldman Of The Steampunk Almanac Website & Absinthe Affair Aether Broadcasts!

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