Terms & Conditions

Trader Profiles
Any Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Neo-Victorian or Retro-futuristic themed small business, independent trader, merchant or maker can apply for listing in the directory. All listing are however discretionary and can be initially refused or later revoked by the host.

Profiles are provided freely and consist of…

  • Large image
  • Description of business
  • Link to website
  • Links to social networking platforms
  • Google map (if relevant to business)
  • Business logo (if provided will be used in the main listing)

There is an online transaction service via Paypal to fundraise which is now open and available to anyone who would like to make a small contribution to the Steampunk Almanac & Aether Guild-Hoose Traders via paypal.me/polsteele

Terms & Conditions
Aether Guild-Hoose Traders is an online directory and can not nor will not accept any responsibility for any transactions undertaken with or disputes involving those participating in the directory or using the service to obtain merchandise from participants.

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