The Wattingers

Martin H Wattinger, harmonica and vocals, Ren Wattinger, bass and backing vocals. Ezekial Obediah Wattinger (deceased), backing vocals and rhythm tracks.

The WattingersDescribed as ‘Slaughterhouse Blues’, our music is stripped down to the bare bones, inspired by the old blues players. With a black sense of humour, we lean in to the grimy underbelly of Western Steampunk, with influences from Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sante Sangre, El Topo, the Night of the Hunter, Cannibal the Musical and The Child Ballads.

‘Describing themselves as ‘slaughterhouse steampunk blues’, as bizarre as that might sound, it actually perfectly describes them in a way which you’d have to watch and hear them to fully understand. Combining a country/folky sound with a distinctly theatrical, old school horror movie tone, they put on a mesmerising, energetic and mildly disturbing performance which had the crowd engaged and moving throughout. Certainly a complete show and a genre unto themselves.’

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