SwampStomp Funk Premiere!

“A fantastic Collaboration Between Lord Monty Jacques Fromage & The Steampunk Stompers”
SwampStomp Funk

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Premiered On The Absinthe Affair!

When Lord Monty first appeared in-concert the Steampunk Stompers in 2015, there was talk about creating a collaboration of the bands high energy sound and Monty’s one-of-a-kind gentleman rhyming. After months in the studio, drawing on sounds and grooves from Bowie, Average White Band, Power Station, south Florida contemporary jazz, and Latin music, the result was a fusing, a melange of varied styles and feels combined in a delicious aural stew for the senses and dancing feet!

Although Monty spends half his year in Europe, and The Stompers are currently land-locked in the USA, the song is quickly going viral, with beautiful support from both steampunks and music lovers world-wide. Put on your favorite dancing shoes, tap a toe, stomp a foot, and groove along with us as we teach you how to do the SwampStomp FUNK!!

SwampStomp Funk: Full 10 Pips (5 Stars)
Recommendation from the Absinthe Affair!

“Who’s those chaps with the scaly top hats..
Green frock coats and gator-skin galoshes?
Stomping through the swamp with mile wide smiles…
Thighbone canes and a bottle that sloshes!”

– Atticus Oldman’s Steampunk Almanac

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Website: The Steampunk Stompers
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Website: Lord Montague Jacques Fromage
Facebook: Steampunkfunk Bizarre

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