Photograph by Paul Betowski

GurdyBird has been performing with her hurdy-gurdy at Steampunk, Pirate and Cornish Midsummer and Midwinter festivals as well as Devon theaters since 2014 in one incarnation or another but more often as a sea faring, tavern dwelling rogue, often playing acoustic tavern tunes from the 1700s in the streets to playing stages fully plugged in with video projections and her folktronica tunes, playing what she jokingly calls electroshanties and hornpipe house. Her subject matters are often dark, or with a twisted edge of humour. She is also a poet (in a sense as loose as her morals) which combines bawdy humour, satire and myths.

Also described as a walking art project, GurdyBird likes to celebrate her friends alter-egos in handcrafted music videos which are projected where possible at plugged in events. A trilogy entitled #NotPoldark is in production, which currently includes “Defiant ’til Tyburn”, Danse Macabre or the Grimm Fandango” and “Raggle Taggle Gypsy”.

She has been known to slip shillings, Mickeys and employing a truncheon to acquire crew. By following her, you are hereby enlisted to the Ravey Navy. Frequently finds herself on the wrong side of the law, thankfully, for her, she manages to wriggle out of dying. Has an “arrangement” with Davy Jones. Don’t ask.

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Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!

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