Affair of 9th August 2016

Click above for the Absinthe Affair Broadcast on 9th August 2016 featuring…

Nation – Jordan Reyhnes
Cassanda Knows – Nathaniel Johnstone Band
Batgirl – Frenchy & Punk
Fire In The Hole – Ghostfire
Glass House Riot – Sunday Driver
UK Black Feathers – Valentine Wolfe
Red Violin – Crimson Clocks
Worse Things – Johnny Hollow
Big Ass – Feline and Strange
Sista Suffragette – The Mysterious Freakshow
Angel MMXIV – The New Jacobin Club
Curious World – Alice’s Night Circus
Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Victor Sierra
Necessary Evil – The Dresden Dolls
That’s What a Good Doctor Said – Retropolitain
Rattlesnake – Caravan of Thieves
Everyone Dies But Me – Confabulation Of Gentry
Tragic Moments – Miss Von Trapp
Childermas – Gurybird
Coming Attractions – Circus Contraption
Magpie – Red Ruff
Roots of Anarcho – Absinthe Rose
Kids – Unwoman
Horror Movie (Elvis Einstein ReMix) – Venus De Vilo
After Wife Polka Tango – Veronique Chevalier & Friends
Blue Angel – Squirrel Nut Zippers
Salacious Claque – Rosin Coven
Maiden Voyage – The Clockwork Dolls

Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!

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