Affair of 5th April 2016

Click above for the Absinthe Affair Broadcast on 5th April 2016 featuring…

Day Ticket To Bedlam – Birthrite
Sirens – Metropolis
Breakout the Violins – VIZA
Hanging Man – The Wattingers
Nature Take You – Mysterious Freakshow
Life – Victor & The Bully
The Attack of the Evil Haunted Accordion – The Gin Rebellion
Masquerade – Heathen StrangeFellow & the VaudeVille Vagabonds
Poor Georgie – The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
When I met You – BB Blackdog
You’re Being Hunted – Professor Elemental
Baba Yaga – Nathaniel Johnstone
To the Apocalypse in Daddy’s Sidecar – Abney Park
Don’t fear the rabbit – Frenchy and the Punk
Mount Shrimp – Ague
Live through your strings – This Way To The Egress
Black Water – Tom Slatter
Time Lord Suite – The Steampunk Stompers
Servants – Ghostfire
Evil Genius – Crimson Clocks
The Buccaneers’ Waltz – GurdyBird
Danger on the Dance Floor – The Cog is Dead
Funky 2 Step (in the Park) – LMJ3/SteampunkFunk Bizarre
Back and Forth – Dr. Steel
Breathe – The Extraordinary Contraptions
Seven Nation Army – Unwoman
Dark Passenger – Victor Sierra
This Treason – The New Jacobin Club
Darkling, Listen – Valentine Wolfe
I Scare Myself – Rosin Coven

Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!

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