Affair of 24th May 2016

Click above for the Absinthe Affair Broadcast on 24th May 2016 featuring…

Rainbow In The Dark – Valentine Wolfe
Dirigible Days – Victor Sierra
There’s No Sadness Holding An Ice Cream – Victor & The Bull
Curious World – Alice’s Night Circus
A Thousand Suns – Metropolis
My Smile – New Jacobin Club
Hells Bells – Daniel Malheur
Clockwork Tiger – Sunday Driver
Brass Goggles – Steam Powered Giraffe
Fighting Trousers – Professor Elemental
Have A Pie – Miss Von Trapp
The Most Dangerous Thing – AlbaRoma
Mr E Novell – Ingimar Oddsson
Egg Tooth – Circus Contraption
Dear Isabella – Marquis of Vaudeviille
Legend of the Black Dog – Dale Rowles & Montague Jacques
Fromage/Steampunkfunk Bizarre
The Fat Lady of Limbourg – Brian Eno
Who Walks In When I Walk Out? – Hazmat Modine
The Boogy Bumper – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Victoria’s Secret – The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
Batgirl – Frenchy & Punk
The Spark – Nathaniel Johnstone
Tophat Goggles and Bows – Kiss Like Ether
Full Moon Face Off – Veronique Chevalier & Friends
The Highwayman – The Mysterious Freakshow
Turk – Bad September
Coast of High Barbary – Joseph Arthur
Danse Macabre or The Grimm Fandango – GurdyBird
Swords For Hire – Jon Magnificent
In Your Eyes – John Wayne Supermarket l
Lthium Flower – Ghost in the Shell Theme

Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!

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