Affair of 14th June 2016

Click above for the Absinthe Affair Broadcast on 14th June 2016 featuring…

The Lavender Song – Cabaret Berlin
Dishonour Amongst Thieves – Jordan Reyne
Song of love – Mysterious Freakshow
Concubine Waltz – Sunday Driver UK
Cassandra Knows – Nathaniel Johnstone Band
Shadows in the Rain – Victor Sierra
Stone Throwers – Johnny Hollow
Transylvanian Concubine – Rasputina
Devil’s Bane – Valentine Wolfe
I’m Free – Frenchy and the Punk
Perfect – The Gin Rebellion
Raggle Taggle Gypsy – GurdyBird
Servants – Ghostfire
Return To Eden – New Jacobin Club
Be My Enemy – The Waterboys
Thirteen Days – J.J. Cale
Not Your Typical Victorian – TMTWNBBFN
Time – Ingimar Oddsson
Tophat, Goggles & Bows – Kiss Like Ether
Monotony (early Version) – Victor & The Bully
Riddle of the Sphinx – The Mechanisms
Gin – The Tiger Lillies
Heavenly Aeroplane – The Steampunk Stompers
Dinner for Two – LMJ3/SteampunkFunk Bizarre
Taco Supremo – COG
Train Across Ukraine – Golem
Occam’s Razor – Ague
Corner Of My Mind – Birthrite
Desensitised – Metropolis
Aether Flare – Automaton

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