Affair of 10th May 2016

Click above for the Absinthe Affair Broadcast on 10th May 2016 featuring…

Circus At Top Of The World – Abney Park
Circus Parade – Frenchy and the Punk
Circus Night – COG
A Fete Worse Than Death – Professor Elemental
Margate Fhtagn – The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
Coming Attractions – Circus Contraptions
Clockwork Vaudeville – Steam Powered Giraffe
Delicious Cabaret – This Way To The Egress
Crimson Circus (Live At The Circus Mix) – Crimson Clocks
The Zookeeper’s Awakening – Rosin Coven
Carnival Minister – Thy Last Drop
Freakshow – The Gin Rebellion
Carousel – The Shanklin Freak Show
Day Ticket To Bedlam – Birthrite
Turn Me Round – Kiss Like Ether
SwampStomp Funk LMJ 3 & Steampunk Stompers
When I Met You – BB BlackDog
Worked to Death – Victor & The Bully
Sirens – Metropolis
Champagne Ivy – New Jacobin Club
Arkansas Beardstalker – The Wattingers
Raggle Taggle Gypsy – GurdyBird
My Girl’s Pussy – Cabaret Berlin
Garden Party – Dark Design
Evil Genius – Crimson Clocks
Little Star – Nathaniel Johnstone
Time – Ingamir Oddsson
Steampunk Faeries – The Mysterious Freakshow
Mount Shrimp – Ague
Gumbagubanga – Coppelius
On Whome The Dreadful Claw – The Synthetic Dream Foundation

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