Greetings Frae Auld Aether Reekie

Absinthe Affair

“Gin May Cause Sin.. But Absinthe Oils The Cogs Of Infamy”

Atticus Oldman’s Live Player – Follow On Facebook For Schedule

International Steampunk music and mischief frae Atticus Oldman – Broadcast around the Multiverse via Nusakan Radio from the clockwork heart o’ Auld Aether Reekie!

The Collected Editions Of The Video Version Of The Absinthe Affair!

Atticus Oldman’s Magik Lantern – A new aether video project from host of the Absinthe Affair radio show & the Steampunk Almanac website!


Atticus Oldman’s AetherSonica – Live Events & Broadcasts

From the clockwork heart o’ Auld Aether Reekie – Host of the Steampunk Almanac website and the Absinthe Affair aether broadcasts Atticus Oldman presents a brand new series of live web radio broadcasts, special performances and social events!

Steampunk musical mischiefeers and merrymakers on the hunt for aether-promotion are  invited tae send details o’ their music and diaries o’ their misdeeds directly via the Participation Form.

Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!