WSW Tea Duelling

Whitby Steampunk Weekend proudly announces it’s very first competition of TEA DUELLING…and we have some right rapscallions running the rumination and remnants of leaves!!! Please be upstanding for..

BIOGRAPHY NAME: Captain Thomas Glossop

AGE: Around 40

PROFESSION: Zeppelin Captain in the Martian Expeditionary Force

MARITAL STATUS: Married to the gorgeous Tea Mistress.

LIKES: Tea, Gin

DISLIKES: Albatross, Corgis.

PROFILE: Captain Thomas Glossop, captain of the HMZ Earl Grey 66 gun destroyer.

NOTABLE ACTIONS: On returning from the Martian war having destroyed over 45 tripod walkers. The HMZ Earl Grey was struck by an albatross as it made its final approach back to London… The Zeppelin made an emergency landing on the lawn of Buckingham Palace… in front of Queen Victoria…. on top of one of the royal corgi’s…. Thus creating the famous phrase from The Queen… “We are not amused” Captain Glossop never received his knighthood as a result!

BIOGRAPHY NAME: Lady Ruby Sparklemore. Aka Professor kitty McWhiskers, Aka The Tea Mistress.

AGE: How very dare you…never ask a lady!

PROFESSION: Tea Mistress, Gemologist and Tomb Raider.

MARITAL STATUS: Married to the dashing Captain T Glossop.

LIKES: Steam power, science, shiny things, Tea, kitties, wine and Egypt.

DISLIKES: Dirty tea cups, tarnished tea spoons, Tea thieving pirates

NOTABLE ACTIONS: The Tea Mistress once battled pirates single handedly… Just to save a shipment of tea. One newspaper quoted her as saying “one shipment of tea will last me almost two months” Apart from Tea, the Tea Mistress is quite the Gemologist… her addiction to gems once lead her to Egypt, surprisingly all the tombs of Egypt are now void of gems!