Greetings Frae Auld Aether Reekie

Absinthe Affair

The Collected Editions Of The Video Version Of The Absinthe Affair!

Atticus Oldman’s Magik Lantern – A new aether video project from host of the Absinthe Affair radio show & the Steampunk Almanac website!


From the clockwork heart o’ Auld Aether Reekie – Host of the Steampunk Almanac website and the Absinthe Affair aether broadcasts Atticus Oldman presents a brand new series of live web radio broadcasts, special performances and social events!

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of many dear friends – The Steampunk Almanac is now in the position of directly hosting live music and web broadcasting events across Edinburgh and beyond. In addition, there is also now the potential of providing musical services for small gatherings and get togethers hosted by others within the Scottish Steampunk community.

With a view to hosting AetherSonica live web radio broadcasts I am currently looking for suitable venues and locations with access to electricity, a solid mobile/wifi signal and an atmosphere conducive to Steampunkery!

If you have access to such a location or are maybe considering hosting a Steampunk themed event and would like to discuss how the Almanac can be of service – Please get in touch via the Contact Atticus link on the Steampunk Almanac menu bar.

Steampunk musical mischiefeers and merrymakers on the hunt for aether-promotion are now invited tae send details o’ their music and diaries o’ their misdeeds directly via the Participation Form.

“Gin May Cause Sin.. But Absinthe Oils The Cogs Of Infamy”

Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!