Greetings Frae Auld Aether Reekie

Absinthe Affair

The Steampunk Almanac is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of ‘Atticus Oldman’s Magik Lantern’ – A web-video version of the Absinthe Affair web radio show hosted by Atticus Oldman on Nusakan Radio.

Broadcast from the clockwork heart of Auld Aether Reekie – Atticus Oldman’s Magik Lantern will bring you the finest and freakiest creative talent making the international Steampunk community such a diverse and delightful gathering of mind and imagination!

The programme will feature music videos both auld and new alongside short films produced by filmmakers from across the international Steampunk community. There will also be interviews with bands and musicians, Steampunk news updates from assorted collaborators along with reports of events from both at hame and abroad.

Steampunk musical mischiefeers and merrymakers on the hunt for aether-promotion are now invited tae send details o’ their music and diaries o’ their misdeeds directly via the Participation Form.

“Gin May Cause Sin.. But Absinthe Oils The Cogs Of Infamy”

Tell A Friend.. Warn An Enemy!